Paper goods and packaging...
Our company is doing business with paper wholesalers, including a range of paper bags, greeting cards, gift-wrappings, menus and brochures, etc.

We'll offer you that goods with highest values,lowest cost, short delivery time and try our best to comply with your requirement.

How come? Because: 

we have a quite few Bag & Printing Co Ltd associates in China; They all possess modern digital pre-printing systems. The excellent senior professional designers and desktop computer operators will provide comprehensive preprinting service to you. The company is possessed of first class printing machines such as German Rolland process offset presses, Heidelberg process offset presses, and small five color process offset presses for octavo paper. These modern presses and advancing management ensure high quality prints. In addition, complete set of post-printing facilities in our company, for example: film laminating unit, calendaring unit, blocking press, die cutting machine and back liner enables post-printing processing for magnificent prints. The manufactory has build up famous domestic and international customer network including Shanghai Shen-Mei Beverage Co. Ltd, Bristol-Myers Squibb China, Maybelline Cosmetics Co. Ltd, Shanghai Lucent Technology and Optic Fiber Co. Ltd, Shanghai Siemens Switches Co. Ltd, Shanghai Mocca Food Co. Ltd and so on.

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