We operate PVC resins with molecular weights ranging from .68 IV to .92 IV. These resins are used for applications such as extrusion, calendaring, injection-molding or blow molding to fabricate end products such as bottles and appliance parts, as well as for the pipe, siding and profile markets. These are just a few examples of the versatility of PVC resins.

PVC is the world's second most widely used plastic; only polyethylene is used in greater volume. PVC is produced in powder form, then combined with other ingredients to create a compound with specific processing and end-use properties. PVC is often used in infrastructure development and building products. Other end uses for PVC include pipe fittings, vinyl siding, bottles, flexible and rigid film and sheeting used for packaging, credit cards, floppy diskettes and wall coverings.

EDC: a chemical compound of Ethylene and Chlorine, basis for the production of VCM. Last December it lacked of competitiveness at global level. This season EDC is high in price.

We are consider operating VCM in near future. Merchant grade VCM (vinyl chloride monomer) for use in the downstream production of PVC.


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